August 28, 2019

Where We Came From…Allora Vintage

Echoes in the mountains

Allora Vintage comes from the mountains of north-central West Virginia and a small city that was home to thousands of Italian immigrants.  Our family has lived here for a few generations, working in the coal mines and on the railroad.  As many of that era, they saved and reused everything (How many of you had grandmothers who saved plastic bags and tin foil?)  In many ways, they were the first environmentalists.  Those values were handed down to us.

We are a family of collectors. Our warehouses have thousands of items.  More than we could ever use ourselves, of course, even given the historic preservation efforts we do in the area, but it goes against our grain to throw anything away.

The warehouses have everything from mantelpieces to cast concrete pediments to doors, pallets, tin ceiling tiles, books, paintings, more doors, timber, salvaged bricks, dollies, glassware, and yes, lots and lots of furniture.

We’re just beginning to uncover all that we’ve collected and we’re coming across new finds every day.  Stop by this site or sign up for our updates and news – you never know if the thing you never knew you needed has just been found!



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