July 16, 2019

Why We Do What We Do

Because we love the artifacts of history.

I had the privilege of working at one of the world’s most venerated and historic institutions, the Smithsonian, where every day I was surrounded by some of the greatest “finds” you can ever imagine.  I got to go behind the scenes with renowned curators and world experts, seeing incredible objects collected from around the world, most of which will never be on public display. It was a joy and an honor to explore the collections, and it fed my lifelong fascination with American history, and the objects that tell our story.

Allora Vintage exists to share the items that my family has collected since 1960, which is a way of sharing stories, too.  We do it because these vintage items are beautiful (well, I think so, anyway,) and they deserve continued use – they still have stories to tell.  Rather than fill our homes with cookie-cutter items from a big box retailer, or pre-weathered furniture made last month in a factory overseas, we want to offer a bit of real history – a real story, that you can add to your family’s story.



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